De Winter NatuurDarmen

In 1957, the parents of the current owners, Walter and André, started a company in Wetteren, specialized in cleaning and selecting of hog casings.
Quality, service, flexibility and professionalization were the keystones for the further development and success of the company.
In 1986, Walter and André took over the company. The production was modernized and the supply was extended with the production of sheep and beef casings. 
In 1992, the company had a significant growth. A new plant was built in Lokeren, complying with the highest environmental protection en hygienic regulations.
Currently, De Winter Natuurdarmen puts 150 employees to work, in Belgium and abroad. With an annual production  of five million pork casings, De Winter produces half of all pork casings that are produced in Belgium.

If we include our sheep and beef casings, we approximately contribute one hundred million of pork casings a year to the sausage production.
Any company involved in the production of sausages are possible customers for De Winter Natuurdarmen. Apart from our activities in Belgium, we are also in co-operation with countries like The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and Greece.